Utah College of Chiropractic Orthopedics

Re-Certification Requirements:

ABCO Re-certification/Accreditation Policy

Authority granted by the 1997 UCCO By-laws commissioning ABCO to create and administer the recertification/accreditation of diplomates.


1. The recertification/accreditation process is voluntary.  ABCO has determined the time frame and recommended recertification cycle to be
five (5) years.  ABCO will consider applications for recertification/accreditation at any time by will certify Diplomate status for no more than
five (5) years.

2. Diplomates of ABCO shall be provided with credentials of recertification/accreditation after having complied with all of the following:

I, ______________________________, hereby request recertification based on those items signaled by my initials below with attached
documentation for each.  (must complete A, B,  C or D)

Attend an approved orthopedics module and successfully complete the modular examination.

Successfully complete Part I or Part II of the annual ABCO examination or an examination designed and/or approved by ABCO
specifically for recertification/accreditation.

Unique proposal, see attached.

D   Since being last recertified/accredited, the Diplomate has attained not less than 15 points according to the following schedule: 
                (verification documents are to be attached)
1. Taught 36 Hours of Post Graduate Orthopedics.                         (15)
2. Publish a paper in a refereed, peer reviewed or approved journal. (10)
3. Presented a paper at a Congress of Diplomates.                          (10)
4. Guest Lecturer at an approved Congress or Seminar                    (10)
5. Attended 12 Hours of Post Graduate Orthopedics.                      (10)
6 Attended 12 Hours of non‑orthopedic (diplomate) courses.           (6)
7. Attended 12 hours of non‑diplomate courses.                             (5)
8. Submitting 10 acceptable questions for Part I use                         (5)
9. Submitting 1 acceptable problem for Part II use                           (5)

I certify that the above information is correct, I subscribe and agree to abide by the Code of Ethics as published by UBCO,
and I agree to practice according to and within the ABCO Parameters of Practice;